Kentucky and UConn reach National Championship Game after Final Four upset!

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In a genius move to milk even more value from the late pop star, Sony announced this week it will release a new Michael Jackson album of previously recorded tunes, making some people very happy and probably rich

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According to officials, a Mexican drug lord dies a second time since the first time in 2010 wasn’t good enough

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NFL prospect Michael Sam comes out, shocking the testosterone-filled NFL locker rooms

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Flappy Bird flies no more because its creator, Dong Ngyuen, wants his peaceful life back

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Sochi welcomes athletes and reporters with beautiful new hotel rooms and sparkling waters

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Jeopardy ‘Mad Genius’ Arthur Chu uses game-theory strategy to outsmart the game 

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If you don’t know what Dogecoin is yet, you have to watch this animation

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An animation to remember Super Bowl XLVIII where Seattle crushed Denver 43-8

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Damages from a virtual EVE battle of epic proportions equates to nearly a half million USD in real money

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