Brace yourself America, iPhone manufacturer Foxconn plans to move its sweatshops to your turf!

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Patents are important for people to benefit from inventing stuff, but the US Patent Office has been awarding patents to trolls who never invented crap

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Apple unveils iPad Air which is thinner, lighter, and faster— exactly what you’d expect from a new product launch. Can CEO Tim Cook make his premium products stand out once again?

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The gleeful shrieks of excitement from Apple fanboys can be heard everywhere as the iPhone 5S is rumored to be released on Sept. 10!

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Watch how China Southern handles their passengers luggage:

Apple charges you more money to replace dodgy Chinese chargers in their new take-back program

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What the future will look like with wearable computers

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5 clever ways to use your new Mac Pro

5) As a new Starbucks mug


4) As a trashcan


3) As floaties for your kids


2) As a tripping device for people you hate


1) As your sexy new lover (who would probably do more for you than your current one)


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When your boss calls you at home

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Tim Cook when the iPad Mini launches

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