In the 7th episode of “Adventures of Rob Ford”, the disgraced mayor was stripped of power,  flattens a councilwoman and takes Canada from Stephen Harper. 

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The “Birdman” Andersen gets catfished like Manti Te’oed, cleared of under aged sex scandal

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Highlights of Tebow’s move to the Patriots

Shout out to Chad Johnson!

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5 clever ways to use your new Mac Pro

5) As a new Starbucks mug


4) As a trashcan


3) As floaties for your kids


2) As a tripping device for people you hate


1) As your sexy new lover (who would probably do more for you than your current one)


Watch the full animation here: Apple new black Mac Pro specs and iPhone iOS shock WWDC 2013 attendees

Unpleasant surprises from the result of NSA surveillance


From: Edward Snowden says NSA’s PRISM spying on Americans NOW!

Protesters keep on capuling

From: Tayyip Edogan in Turkey, protesters keep on Capuling

Big Brother is Watching You

From: Obama administration approves NSA data mining programs

Your mom when you’re on the phone

From: Xbox One Kinect gets all up in your business

When you attempt to be productive on Friday

From: Mokhtar Belmokhtar gets 10-page reprimand from Al-Qaeda bosses

When the boss is out of town

From: US Embassy officials shot at Venezuela nightclub